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Beautiful skin begins with exceptional skincare

Brightening skincare for dull skin, discoloration, ingrown hair bumps, dark armpits, large pores, and safe for sensitive skin with all natural and non-toxic ingredients. It gives brilliance to skin while preventing acne dark spots, hyperpigmentation on the face and body and nourishes by replacing lost moisture, slows aging, and protects against blackheads and blemishes.


We formulate our products:
To be natural and smell good
Revitalizing and moisturizing without greasing

Free of Sulphates, Parabens, Silicone, Mineral Oils, Petroleum, Chemical Fragrances, Synthetic Colors, Alpha-hydroxy Acid (AHA), Retinol, Harmful Chemicals. No Harsh or Abrasive Exfoliants that could scar Melanin Rich Skin


Have Skincare Issues? We Have The Solution!

Ask anyone in the skincare industry about the accessibility of quality natural skin care products, and you will know how difficult it is! However, we at Ekhambee fight with every difficulty that comes to the forefront of producing quality products. We provide quality, all natural and Non-Toxic Skincare products for black sensitive skin in Florida and nearby areas. Our full-scale production team works with the chemist to produce the products that reach your place after careful evaluation. 

The best part! You get assured quality without digging deep into your pocket. Furthermore, we value cleanliness and superiority. Thus, our products are produced according to the African traditions resonating with every skin color.

How Are We The First Choice Of Every Skincare Enthusiast?

Searching for the best for your skin? Our skincare products can be the top-notch option for you. Why? Because we deliver the quality that stands first in the queue of skincare products. Continue reading and get the list of reasons for us being the first choice of every skin enthusiast.

1. Quality That Never Ceases!

Quality! The first and foremost that comes to anyone heading out to buy skin care products. You do not need to worry about it with us. Toner, face cleanser, or cream natural skin care products we produce the best for our customers with care evaluation. 

2. Natural Chemical Free Products

Not every skin can tolerate harmful chemical skin care products. We understand that thus we produce the products in the traditional African way, free from any chemicals. 

3. Rates That Nowhere Near The Quality

Our all-natural and nontoxic skin care products for black sensitive skin in Florida and nearby areas are produced without compromising quality. Curious about the price? The rates are far from the quality of our skincare products. We produce products with a mindset to give the best results to our customers. 

The Skincare To Shop For Every Skin! Because Every Skin Is Beautiful!

Black women or women of color? We have a range of all-natural quality products resonating with every skin color because we care. Do you want to delve into more? Continue reading to get a brief of our products from the list. 

1. Skin Face Cleanser Or Mud Mask, Quality Assured!

You get the best quality at the lowest price for skin care products resonating with every skin color. The skin care products include mud mask, unscented skin moisturizer, and moisturizing toner for dry sensitive skin in South Carolina and nearby areas. All of them are at the most pocket-friendly price!

2. Get Everything You Need For Body Care, From Lotion To Toner

Moisturizer, body toner, creamy body butter bundle, or scented mud mask? We have everything for your body care needs. Also, you can buy what you need without worrying about digging deep into your pocket. 

3. Gift Skincare To Your Loved Ones With Our Gift Bundles

Do you have a birthday or any special occasion for your loved ones? You can give them the best gifts along with their wishes. We at Ekhambee provide brightening skincare set in Virginia, Texas, and the nearby areas at a price like never before. So, buy quality skin care products from us to give to someone you love.


Shop The Best Care For Your Skin From Us!

Are you still searching for the perfect skincare that suits your skin tone? You can avail of the best one from us at Ekhambee. We provide all-natural and Non-Toxic skin care products for sensitive black skin in Florida and nearby areas. Also, the good news is you get our quality products at the most competitive prices. Stop thinking! Contact us now to shop for skin care products with top-notch quality resonating your skin tone at a price you have never heard of before!