Our Story

As the founder of Ekhambee pronounced (Ee-kham-bee), I started like most businesses producing my products in my home to solve the basic skincare needs of my family.

Ekhambee products are made with love to solve the many skincare concerns of black women. As a full-time engineer I'm dedicated to that passion. As a natural problem-solver I quickly knew that I wanted to help black women and women of color with my products but I wouldn't be able to produce the products from home due to my many interests and commitments, so I hired a chemist and full-scale production team to make, package and ship our products on a larger scale without compromising on the at home quality. The results were too excellent not to go larger and share with more women.

Ekhambee was birthed out of my desire to create an alternative to harmful chemicals involved in making today’s skincare products. Therefore, I and dedicated to ensuring that we make all natural and non-toxic products.


Best Non Toxic Skincare | Ekhambee CEO

Naeemah Abdur Rauf - Founder

What makes us different?

  1. All our skincare products are made with natural ingredients without harmful additives such as sulphate, mineral oil, parabens, silicone, and AHAs.
  2. We make our products with premium quality. We do not have any inferior products.
  3. Ekhambee product formulation is inspired from ancient African traditions, which have been proven to be superior and cleaner to today’s method.
  4. Our different products moisturize the skin, make the skin appear and feel smoother, reduce bacteria, naturally brighten dull skin, may reduce the appearance of pores, blackheads, and signs of premature aging.
  5. All the awesomeness of our products come at a relatively inexpensive price for the quality it has.