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What's the Perfect Fall Skincare Routine for Black Women?

It's time to swap out your 'Summer Skin-care Regimen'

With fall in full swing it's time to swap out your Summer Skin care Regimen for your fall one. Women of color specifically black women have different skin care needs based on skin type as well as other environmental conditions. Things like wearing sweaters and coats, humidity (or the lack there of), increased temperatures indoors from central heating or radiators can irritate existing skin issues like hyperpigmentation, eczema, psoriasis and dry, itchy skin. 
With lower temperatures outdoors and higher temperatures indoors you should consider varying your skin care routine.

Use a daily moisturizer

Your face may produce more sebum as it reacts to colder temps and dry air, making your face secret more oil. You can use oil absorbing sheets throughout the day. If you workout you will likely wash your face more often.
Using a small amount of our Sensitive Skin Moisturizer will give a nice glow without being greasy. Re-apply as needed. Both of these products are available in our

Hydrating Skincare Bundle.

Use a body lotion

For fall moving into the winter months you will need to increase the use of body lotion to keep skin from drying. Our Ekhambee Kokoa Roza lotion is a fabulous blend of silky moisturizing shea butter body lotion with the rich smell of cacao and sweet rose composition.  It is perfect for beauty-conscious women to moisturize and soften skin with a delightful fragrance.

Our silky-smooth cocoa lotion is suitable for all skin types, improves dryness and skin texture, reduces skin roughness, adds a nice smooth glow, and absorbs in skin without leaving a greasy feel. 

 Use a Non-abrasive cleanser

Most skincare experts recommend you decrease the use of exfoliants during the fall/winter months.

We do not recommend the use of any harsh or abrasive  exfoliants on  black or darker skin as this can scratch the skins surface and lead to inflammation & hydration loss among other complications.

We created our Sensitive Skin Face Cleanser with you in mind, gentle enough to use daily.

Use ACV Mud Mask

In the fall/winter your skin is more dry, your body produces more sebum creating clogged pores as we talked about earlier.  Using our ACV Mud Mask is a great way to unclog pores and rejuvenate skin among other things.

The ACV Mud Masks' unique formula is designed to help fight excess oil and bacteria, which may help to prevent further acne, pimples, and blackheads, and uneven tone.

All products are sold individually or can be found in our  Brightening Skin Care Bundle


Skin Care Bundle For Sensitive Skin - Sensitive Skincare Kit - Ekhambee


We hope you found this helpful and feel ready for the colder temperatures ahead. As always if you have additional questions regarding your skincare regimen simply contact us Now!



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