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What You Need to Know About Black Women's Dominance

The image a person gives of themselves on their first meeting goes a long to shape the perception people would have of that person going forward. While some people have a natural aura around them when they work in a room, others have to build their confidence into projecting a positive image of themselves.

In this article, we would consider how to project your best image to build black women’s aspiration and improve self-esteem and how to make your skin glow enough to catch attention when you walk into a room. This promises to be an interesting read, enjoy it.

How to project your best self

Image is everything. If you put your best foot forward, people would treat you well and if you don’t, people would consider you a loser. Self-confident people always get the best out of life. Here are some tips you can start using today to boost your confidence;

1.) Always look your best on every occasion.

Looking good is always a wonderful investment. You don’t have to be wealthy to look good. Simply dressing appropriately for each occasion can pass as looking good. In doing that, always add a little spice to your overall looks for each occasion. Use skincare products that would make your skin glow. We would talk about this soon.

2.) Learn to speak and write well

Good communication skill would always be a good bet. Apart from dressing, another thing that would always make one stand out is speaking and writing well. Good communication is the ability to pass a message correctly with the listener(s) fully understanding the message.

3.) Learn to sustain intelligent conversation.

Everyone loves a smart person, and everyone wants to be addressed as one, unfortunately everyone isn’t smart. The way to give yourself and edge over others is by reading books, taking courses, listening to educational podcasts, etc.

4.) Be organized

When you work in a room, don’t be clumsy. Don’t irritate the people in your environment. People would not trust you with resources or responsibilities if they think you can’t control yourself. Avoid going around with so much to carry. Stay composed.

The above is some ways you can project a positive image, but we do not limit it to it.

How to make your skin look better

Let’s talk a little about hyperpigmentation and dry skin as a skin disorder and how to tackle it.

Hyperpigmentation is a skin disorder where a part of the skin appears darker than it should be. Hyperpigmentation does not always mean a skin disorder it could mean an offshoot of another medical condition. Dry skin is the skin’s reaction to a hot or cold weather.

You can use Ekhambee products to avoid or combat hyperpigmentation and dry skin. Ekhambee products are naturally produced so you don’t have to worry about toxic ingredients like aluminum, mineral oil, parabens, PEG and many others. Ekhambee also products helps to prevent age spots, uneven skin and other skin concerns.

The product include:

  1. Sensitive Skin Face Cleanser to remove bacteria, and prevent blackheads, discoloration, hyperpigmentation, and dark spots leaving your skin fresh and clean.

  2. Sensitive skin Moisturizing Toner Gel to shrink face pores, and tone skin without drying it out.

  3. Sensitive Skin Moisturizer to get rid of dull skin and reduce acne scars and blemishes in skin.

  4. Apple Cider Vinegar Mud Mask Grapefruit Scent to make skin look and feel smooth with an even tone and helps prevent acne, pimples, and large pores. 

  5. Creamy Body Butter gift set to stay protected in all weather and to restore skin brightness and softness and even out the skin on the body.

  6. Silky moisturizing Ekhambee Kokoa Roza lotion is a fabulous blend, a silky moisturizing shea butter body lotion with the rich smell of cacao and sweet rose composition. 

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