Himba African-inspired skincare rituals

How Beauty can be natural, like the Himba of Namibia

In the northern part of Namibia in the Kunene region, there is a group of people called the Himbas. They have a population of about 50,000 people and are mostly livestock farmers. Affiliated with the community is Vipuakuje Muharukua, who holds the record for the second youngest member of Namibia’s parliament at 31.

One of the most amazing things about the Himba’s is their stunning beauty. They claim that this beauty comes from applying “Otjize”; a mixture of butterfat and ochre. The basic job of Otjize on the skin is to protect it from the harsh condition of the desert climate; it does more than that. It makes the skin of its user glow and their aura pleasurable to smell.

The major ingredient of Otjize is the Ochre. Ochre is a pigment that is a mixture of ferric oxide and earthen constituents of sand and clay. It has varying colors, from yellow to deep orange and brown. Who knew such an earthen raw material can be the source of a tribe’s beauty? An improved product of Otjize is produced by Ekhambee to help its users glow, but we would talk about this product later in this piece.

In recognition of the beauty the tribe Himba holds, we would explore other proven non-surgical method to amp your beauty. Let’s dive in.

1.) Ultratherapy.

This is a new technological of beautification that uses energy generated from high power ultrasound. This energy hits the skin depths at various levels, generating new collagens. Ultimately, this procedure prevents sagging of skin on the body.

2.) Microneedling.

This is also another non-surgical means of improving your beauty. Micro-needling is using fine needles to cause minimal injuries to your skin. This way it forces the body to produce collagens and elastin, which ultimately slowly the signs of aging, reduces pores and improves the appearance of the skin. All skin types can use this procedure.

3.) Chemical peels.

Chemical peels are shedding off old skin or layers for a clearer, better looking and brighter layer to grow. The strength of chemical peels varies with the intensity, but worthy of note is the fact that the more intense the chemical peel, badly the skin is likely to look blistered and sunburned.

Other non-surgical beautification processes include carbon dioxide laser resurfacing, Botox, sculptra and the use of retinol or vitamin A and antioxidant vitamin C or serum.

Ekhambee mud mask

The concept of Ekhambee apple cider vinegar mud mask started when a relative to the owner of Ekhambee visited Namibia’s Himba and discovered the magic Otjize did to the skin of users. They therefore committed Ekhambee mud mask to giving customers naturally appealing skin. It also helps prevent premature age spot, making skin look younger and brighter.

Ekhambee also focuses on specific skin defects that trouble mature African American women such as dry, dull, and uneven skin.

Ekhambee mud mask is tackling the skin insecurities that come with age.
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